sorry for the quality of the pictures, my nice camera is dead and i lost the charger so i just used my phone and photobooth

so anyways i’m moving out in a couple months and i have a lot of clothes so i need to get rid of a bunch and yeah! ok!

i modeled all the clothes and there are some here but here’s a link to another post with the rest of them so that you can see what they all look like

the clothes you get if you win:

  • Polka Dot dress - forget where i got it from the brand is Sans Souci, size small
  • Sweater skirt - i forget where i got this one i think target or kohl’s but it’s from Mossimo and it’s a small but very stretchy so it could easily fit a medium
  • Military jacket - i think it’s from urban outfitters, the brand is ecoté, size small and fitted, and in the picture up there it looks brown but it’s like a very dark green
  • Pink collared shirt - well in the picture it looks pink, it’s really more taupe. from forever 21, size medium
  •  Striped bodycon skirt -  from forever 21, size small, can fold over on it top
  • Pink dress with gold polka dots - from forever 21, size small, zippers up the back and has bow detailing on the back
  • Lacy shirt - sheer shirt (you gotta wear something underneath), i think i got this from marshall’s, brand is pinky, it’s a medium so it’s kind of big on me but it’s loose and flowy
  • Flower patterned dress - forget where i got this, i think target, it’s an extra small but pretty big and loose, i think it’d fit up to a medium comfortably

(the rest of the ones i describe aren’t pictured here but will be on the other post)

  • Button up denim shirt - plain button down, size small, i don’t think it’s actually denim? it’s very soft but it looks denim
  • High to low shirt, kind of like paisley pattern on it but not really - from Urban Outfitters, size small
  • Sheer tank with lace detail on the top and little horses on it (it’s cute i swear) - don’t remember where it’s from, size small but it’s loose and flowy
  • Plain black skirt - it’s just a nice plain black skirt, i got another one so i don’t need this one anymore but it’s so nice. size small but VERY stretchy and tight, it could fit someone smaller than me or bigger
  • Stripey colorful dress - from PacSun i’m pretty sure, size small but could fit a medium i think
  • Grey and black patterned cropped shirt - forget where i got it, size large, but looks nice loose if you’re smaller
  • Green button down shirt with black detailing - think i got it from marshall’s, it’s sheer, size medium
  • Black and white striped sweater, from forever 21, size large, looks nice oversizes
  • Black shirt with studs on the shoulders and a cross with a wolf - from forever 21, size large

okay giveaway rules!

  1. you don’t have to be following me, it won’t improve your chances or anything, but it’d be nice! if you do happen to be following me i’ll throw in a nice note and draw you a picture or maybe give you some other random thing
  2. no giveaway blogs
  3. i don’t really care if you reblog more than once or anything
  4. likes don’t count
  5. i’ll ship this stuff anywhere

and that’s it! i’m gonna choose the winner randomly with a random number generator. and make sure your ask box is open so that i can message you if you win!


i’m gonna actually end this on monday, the 14th of april ok so reblog while you can i guess